Advertising and licensing

The new generation gets annoyed at the old style advertising when someone on the screen offers you to buy something. This does not work anymore. Young people love when a brand or a business supports interesting initiatives or at least pretends that they want to «make the world a better place.» You can stick your logo anywhere on the screen, but it will not mean anything to the viewer.

We live in an open information-based world. Tell about yourself, add a personal story to your business, support an interesting undertaking or someone's adventure through which the viewer can connect with your product and as a result he will want to purchase it.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to make an interesting product for our viewers and your target audience. We never keep it a secret from our viewers that an advertising product is shown on the screen, but we do advertising the way that is interesting and informative to watch. Everyone benefits from this kind of cooperation so this is the guarantee of a successful advertising company in the modern century.

Possible examples:

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