One hundred years ago, the Russian Revolution changed Russia and the whole world. Back then, Bolsheviks proudly announced that a different world was possible.

Today, the symbol of the Revolution – cruiser Aurora – is turned into a standard museum devoted to the ship’s military past. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Aurora already hosted a few parties for the wealthiest and the most powerful Muscovites and Saint-Petersburgers and featured in a porn film.

In the run-up to the Revolution’s centenary, we visited Aurora together with a leftist intellectual, the director of the Institute of Globalisation and Social Movement, Boris Kagarlitsky.

One hundred years later, the authorities are talking about reconciliation between the descendants of the red and the white, the rich and the poor. This sounds nobly, but in practice – only reinforces the status quo.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov