Venture investor Chamath Palihapitiya was working as a programmer for Facebook in the Silicon Valley for a long time. Speaking in front of the students of Stanford Business School, he claimed that he was not using social networks and forbade his kids to use them as well.

Palihapitiya is not the first tech insider from the Silicon Valley who admits that his creations destroy people’s lives. According to The Guardian, Justin Rosenstein, the creator of the «like» button, set up a parental control feature on his phone to prevent himself from downloading new apps. Another Facebook employee Leah Pearlman who announced the «like» feature in a 2009 blogpost hired a manager to monitor her page in the social network.

Steve Jobs, the inventor of iPhone an iPad restricted his children’s access to new technologies. They could not use iPad and spoke with their father about history and books during family dinners, without mobile devices in their hands.

«Like» economy causes severe addiction, while swiping down the feed is comparable to slot machines in casinos. You never know what will come next, and you can play forever.

Perhaps, one should listen to «the architects of the routine» more attentively. They know the inside facts about their inventions, which is the reason why they guard their children from the harmful influence of those things that helped them make a fortune.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov