From the editorial staff: The European University is a well of important information about the state of Russian society. The themes of many studies are unique: the fight against drugs, the work of officials in municipalities, funeral agencies, commercial births, searches in the subway, visual anthropology. We interviewed the staff of the institution many times and consider it our duty to support the university in such a difficult time for the Russian education.

The number of students in Russia is rapidly declining. The reason for this is the demographic decline that began after the collapse of the USSR. The government prefers to save on the social sphere during a difficult economic environment. This leads to decisive steps to reduce the number of educational institutions.

But, for some reason, successful private universities fall under the rink of officials. They are checked twice as often as state ones.

According to the research of the sociologist Ekaterina Guba, a representative of the EUSP, experts from check commissions are engaged in paper work in universities and not working as a researchers. A half of the staff of the inspection commissions on the social and humanitarian bloc does not have publications in leading scientific journals.

There are many versions of why there is pressure on the European University. Among other things, the attractive palace Kushelev-Bezborodko, which was recently selected from institutions, is also called. Free-thinking teaching staff. Scientific research on non-standard topics.

Students and teachers of universities decided to hold rallies and social events to send education workers a message: «Today they came for us, tomorrow they will come for you».

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov