Protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg have become one of the largest acts of alter globalists over the past 15 years. Up to 100 000 people participated in demonstrations. 20,000 policemen were brought together in the city to protect the leaders of the world's 20 advanced economies.

Corporate media displayed riots — cars on fire and shops being looted, as well as numerous clashes of protesters with the police — burning barricades, water cannons and tear gas being implemented. 2000 crimes were commited during the summit.

G20 summit in Hamburg

In a pompous environment the leaders of the G20 discussed the development of the world economy, giving speeches in front of the cameras of the major news agencies.

Videoblogers, who came to Hamburg from around the world, used the information boom to promote their own channels or spread their personal political agenda, ignoring the parties in conflict.

The protesters organized their own media center inside the Millerntor-Stadion, the home arena of FC St. Pauli, to declare an alternative point of view on the development of the planet.

We met one of the participants of the protests, a Russian-born activist, at the entrance to the stadium. By recording her monologue we gave the floor to those usually ignored and considered pogromists by corporate media.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov