Why do we like movie stars so much? Is it because they are talented? Beautiful? Successful? No. Guy Debord says it’s because we are in desperate need of «making our gloomy and obscure life into cinematic one». Simply put, life under capitalism is not all honey: we work a lot, dream, do a little and spend our time on mindless distractions.

Life in the consumer society has turned into a theater, and an experience in it is mediated. Our impressions are sucked into Instagram and similar services and marketers have infiltrated all spheres of human life.

Everything is sold. Even rebellion and outrage have been turned into commodities.

French philosopher Guy Debord warned us about it half a century ago. His fundamental work «The Society of the Spectacle» still excites the minds of today’s youth, dreaming about breaking free from the tyranny of the consumer society.

But who was he? A director? An artist? A revolutionary? Or a product of his own critical philosophy?

Guy Debord left us the rich legacy of movies and philosophical essays allowing us to take a fresh look on the current state of affairs and to answer the critical questions «Do I need to buy new things?», «Do I live a full life?», «What is the meaning of it?».

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov