You can dissect directors into different categories. There are genuises turned classics, adored by many generations of viewers. There are CEOs working on the Hollywood conveyour line. There are stars of art cinema and regulars at Cannes Festival. There are small independents, releasing their stuff on Youtube and dreaming on their full-length professional debut.

Somewhere among them all stands an american director Richard Linklater. His movies are low-key, their plots are plain and heroes are not pretencious at all. He is a self-taught director achieved popularity, but not true commercial success.

Linklater is stuck somewhere between big cinema shooting Hollywood stars and independent cinema having small budgets, trivial plots and «small person» problems.

His movies leave pleasant feeling, like an old friends’ meet up in the kitchen with a bottle of good wine, fun memories and necessary attribute of teen rebellion – old good spliff.

Just don’t go to far.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov