«Debtors of the world, unite!» writes Dr Ole Bjerg in his recent book Making Money, and pours indisputable facts about capitalism:

— Banks are making money out of thin air, because governments allowed them to do so. Society privatized money-making.

— The share of cash in developed countries is only 5-10% from the total amount of money consisting primarily of virtual currency. Moreover, this paper money is tied neither to gold, nor to anything else useful.

— While some people risk and become rich, without producing anything, you are getting poorer grubbing along at your work place.

In his book, Bjerg utilized analytical apparatuses of such famous philosophers as Slavoj Žižek, Jacques Lacan, and Martin Heidegger to find answers to his main questions: What is money? Where does it come from? Who makes it?


Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov