It is no secret that it is difficult to stop listening to metal as an adult, if one started doing this as a teen. We do not know if the adolescence of Morbital crew was like Maksim Gorky’s, but, judging by what they create, the guys managed to preserve their teen-age love of music and furious spite towards the grown-up world.

They guys gather at their rehearsal spot in the evening and do what they like best – the play old school death metal.

Their releases appear in limited editions on cassettes and vinyl and sell quickly in narrow circles at home and abroad. This became possible due to an underground DIY-network, consisting of true metal lovers.

It is hard to perceive Morbital as just a music band. For its crew, Morbital is an independent philosophy, which they share with their audience, trying to fight the stream of negative news.

In the club we visited that night, we heard a lot of death metal. Blast beats were piercing the audience like a stutter of a machine-gun, while the crowd was moshing and fighting. At one point, our production team managed to tear out of the club to speak with Morbital’s frontman about everything that was going on there.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov