Well-known Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov posted photos of the new district PARNAS in St. Petersburg, declaring that it is «the worst residential area in Russia.» Tower-blocks popularly known as «rabbit-warrens», occupied the northern outskirts of St. Petersburg. The blogger stated that such projects are a urban planning mistake and that through «15-20 years» there will be a generation of people making up legends about these residential areas.

Perhaps the whole point is that Russian cities are in desperate need for the new management principles, but a new generation of architects has no opportunity to influence the established principles of construction.

We asked the ex-chief architect of Barcelona, ​​the author of books on urbanistics Vicente Guallart, to comment on the photos of the blogger and talk about how view on the development of the new areas by the example of such megalopolises as Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Paris and Barcelona.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov