«Why I inflicted this torture upon myself, why I went to the Nevsky Prospect, I don't know. I just felt  tempted to go there whenever possible», — a character from Dostoevsky’s «Notes from the Underground» was thinking. It's amazing how little has changed since then. The Nevsky Prospect still attracts people who look for adventures and want to go deep into historicism. And it seems as if all other areas around were created so that the people living there could serve the needs of the center.

Alina Zorya, a resident of one of such neighborhoods, decided to break the Instagram blockade of St. Petersburg’ scenic views and tell her friends and local residents about areas that have not been honored enough to appear on tourist postcards, but which have their own unique history.

Starting with the creation of the project «Know» and putting up qr-codes with information about specific buildings in different neighborhoods of St. Petersburg, the project team has just released their own board game, telling about the history of St. Petersburg in a relaxed manner.

Alina believes that getting a name of a Petersburger takes efforts. Which exactly, you will find out watching the presentation of the game.

Никита Петров / Nikita Petrov