What is wrong with Russian cinema? Or is everything okay with it? This year we watched many Russian blockbusters, while three Russian films were shown at the Cannes Film Festival. One was even nominated for an Oscar. Does this mean that the situation is getting better, and the quality of image and drama in Russian cinema is improving?

We launched our own film society and held its first meeting, which was attended by our viewers and industry representatives. One of them was Ksenia Leontieva, a leading analyst of Nevafilm Research and Platon Emich, a film producer who participated in the creation of numerous films including Stalingrad and The Duelist.

We kindly ask all those who are not indifferent to Russian cinematography to spread the word. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions regarding potential topics for the upcoming meetings.

Руслан Князев / Ruslan Knyazev